....is a different kind of educational consultant.

You've actually had something of a cult following amongst our Sixth Form students for the past few years - your John Donne volume is considered as a bible. Reigate Grammar School.

With over 20 years experience teaching in both the state and independent sectors, and in teacher education, he then went on to work for two leading educational companies on major educational projects, nationally and internationally. He has worked as a consultant from local, to ministerial level internationally, and  understands the complex organisational relationships behind the challenges and pressures MATs, schools and teachers currently face. 

He is also an author, educational researcher and writes a regular column for the Times Educational Supplement online about those challenges.


recent articles


Teachers. Don't fall for AI. It's just Spin.

TES May 2018. 

Never overlook the responsibility of reading aloud to your class.

TES May 2018.

Teachers should not be doing the work of parents. 

TES April 2018


Cambridge Analytica's Flaws and Ed-tech Business.

The Spectator Coffee House, March 2018 


What is the Point of Poetry? 

Spiked Magazine, Jan 2018


Digital Literacy is Just Cultural Illiteracy.

Cambridge Assessment Guest Blog


Talk about technology’s potential to “transform” education is, as it has been for the past 25 years nothing more substantial than vacuous, marketing rhetoric. 

TES November 2017


There’s more to literacy than deciphering the instructions from Ikea

TES November 2017

Education is a gift economy. 

TES October 2017


Speaking at researchED. 

TES April 2017


If you make data generation the goal of education then data is what you will get. Not quality teaching.

TES April  2017 


When politicians torture the English language to suit their ends it's naïve to object. But when teachers mimic them, it's time to yell “foul." 

TES February 2017 


Nerds who don't do words need reining in. 

TES February 2017


What sports clubs can learn from teachers.

TES January 2017


Metrophobes should try some dead poets. They're definitely better society,

TES November 2016


If you're consigning history of art to the curriculum dustbin, the barbarians have already taken over

TES November 2016



There is no robust evidence that professional qualifications make a difference to the quality of leadership. TES July 2016


Academy bosses need to wise up to the ways of the businesses circling the schools sector. TES June 2016


Using children as part of an adult campaign againsts SATs is as morally dubious as using them in a sales video. TES May 2016


Care as much as you like, it doesn't mean you understand teaching.TES April 2016


Why do politicians fail to grasp how much skill is needed to be a great teacher? TES March 2017


Understand school culture before trying to change it TES February 2016 


Schools are in the business of education, not the education business TES February 2016


Why data doesn't work TES February 2016


If you want your students to think you’re a great teacher, then own what you teach TES January 2016


Measure teacher quality: not student resultsSchools Week June 2015











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