Essays from a Dad to his Daughters.

Through no desire or choice of my own and with a little help from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland, I became a single parent to two teenage girls in 2011. At the time the youngest was actually only ten, her sister twelve, but pretty much every day since then I have consistently thought of them as teenage girls. Over the intervening years, I have guided, supported and taxied them at all hours, watching them become young women with a mixture of indelible pride and awe as they slide gracefully away from me into their own lives and worlds.

When the eldest was on the cusp of leaving home and starting university, it occurred to me it might be a good time to take stock, a deep breath, and offer them some paternal advice. I wrote both of them a series of essays I called Lifemaps. Now, it’s the turn of the youngest and it will not be long before she leaves my care and a huge hole in my existence.

You can read those essays as they are published here